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About us

AIROTECH Cargo & Logistics is founded with the vision to make our group is one of the most trusted name in the industry. Trust in our services and give us opportunity, you would experience how well we can cater to complete Supply Chain solutions.

At AIROTECH, No cargo is too large, too small, or too complex, we manage all, be the shipment be consumer good or special one !

AIROTECH serve clients with a broad range of supply chain solutions – from conventional forwarding to warehousing, packaging, stock control and intermodal transportation.

We provide multi-transport model to save time and money !

We can arrange shipping or land freight for part journey coupled with air freight for remaining part of the journey OR we can uplift by air freight initial part of the shipment journey and consolidate your shipments in a container for the rest. When done right, intermodal offers economical, but reliable multi-transport options using air freight’s speed and ocean’s lower cost!